Past Sojourns

Each WoW! Sojourn is special, in this particular place, with these particular participants.
We become part of a community experience that will never be duplicated. 

Croatia_City by the Water  (1).jpg

WOW! Croatia 2019

Dobar Dan!  Over the span of 7 days, WoW’s creative and cultural enthusiasts spent inspired hours relaxing, exploring, writing, and having fun in a country steeped in history and teeming with nature’s bounty.  On sand beaches 120 meters from our luxurious villas, participants yoga-stretched towards the sun, surrounded by limestone mountains and the Adriatic teal-blue. Palates feasted on fresh seafood and local produce, and warm-from-the oven burek and soparnik—delicacies at times paired with the world’s original Zinfandel served at its water-source.  Perspectives shifted as the group engaged in interactive workshops and readings from Guest Artist Rahna Reiko Rizzuto; and during excursions to historic fortress summits, Krka National Park’s magnificent waterfalls, and the lively city of Split. Refreshed, transformed, and ready to continue work on creative projects, WoW! participants bid the fondest farewell to new friends. Until we land in Split again—Dovidenja!


Wow! ireland 2018

Hospitality served up with delectable brown bread and fresh brew warmed our Celtic Walk in historic Old Dublin, over the Liffey River, and around the watery gardens of Carlow; invoking the beautiful resilience of an Irish spirit that inspired the likes of Yeats, Joyce and Wilde, and our WoW participants. To the luxury of our 17th century manor and open views of magnificent woodlands we gladly surrendered our weary traveling selves. Around a glowing fire we shared our stories, animated by the art and histories that line centuries’-old walls; at Kilkenny Caste and Trinity’s Book of Kells; exhilarated by treks through lush pastures and forests thick of chestnut and beech; and sweetened by a turn at the tree-swing; a cuppa, cake and ancient myths; and poetry from Guest Artist, Kavita A. Jindal. With eager anticipation every 5 o’clock exactly, we looked up to a murder of crows swoop across the dimming skies. To our newfound community—Sin a bhfuil!  


WoW! New York City Salons 2018

Delicious Saturday afternoons of storytelling.  Share your voice:  a story excerpt, a poem, a photo, a dance, a play scene. Or two.  Savored with a favorite beverage and tasty treats.  Punctuated by fun inspiring conversation.  Around a comfy living room at the heart of Manhattan island.

“What a wonderful salon! My mind has the equivalent of a post-exercise glow. Thank you for encouraging me to read something. Deciding what to read reminded me to teach myself new ideas the way I strive to teach other people, with creativity and openness to unexpected connections.  I look forward to future get-togethers and creative summits!”  -Amy Rowe, Brooklyn (February 2018)



We gently stretched to each sunrise atop our well-appointed riad and let the vibrant Fez sensations flow into our writings.  Sipped mint tea to Suzanne Clarke's reading from her book, House of Fez.  Explored the labyrinthian old medina, around donkeys and pushcarts on deliveries, to spice and carpet souks. Dined on hot salads at outdoor cafes and followed the call to prayer wafting through mosque arches.  Ventured farther out into Volubulis, once an epicenter of the Roman empire.  Onsite we were treated to lamb tajine in group cooking class, and a relaxing hammam spa treatment.  Reveled in evening Moroccan music and dance. Read stories to school children, who listened eagerly to our words translated into Arabic. Shukran bezzef!  What an unforgettable week we all shared in this beautiful place on Earth.