WoW! Sojourns invite curious travelers to inspiring places on Earth, for much-needed respite, a change in perspective, and the freedom to explore self expression through guided immersions in culture, movement, and writing in community with other travelers.


WoW! Hawaii: February 2020

Wake up to plumeria trees and flowery showers of hibiscus steps away from America's most beautiful beaches.  Find your story on open beachfront pavilions, in a hula step, in a strand of lei, on Pacific waves with new friends aboard a whale-watching catamaran, or underwater snorkeling.  Luau feast on us.  Enjoy nightly Hawaiian music before retiring in the quiet of a Maui sunset. 

Stupa in Inner Mongolia Grasslands_9-13-14.jpg

WoW! China:  June 2020

Plunge into the shifting currents of contemporary Chinese and Mongolian culture; and tap into a wellspring of creative inspiration in the streets, waterways, deserts and grasslands of one of the earliest seats of human civilization.

Croatia_City by the Water  (1).jpg

WOW! Croatia: 2020

Enjoy the view from your room in one of two luxury villas in Duće, where the foothills of the Mosor Mountains meet the Adriatic Sea. Walk along white sand beaches, or walk into town; take an afternoon swim, immerse in Balkan culture—and untap your creative potential in a beautiful place on Earth.


WoW! Alaska: July 2020

Explore the vast beauty and intimate, quirky personality that is remote Alaska.  Glacier cruise, mountain hike, pan for gold, shop Anchorage, dine on reindeer sausage?  Tap into a practice of finding your own story anywhere and everywhere.


WoW! Australia:  September 2020

Open the treasures of modern city of Sydney and the mysteries of an ancient land; of kangaroos, koalas and kookaburras; walk barefoot and dive deep into your own dreaming – immerse in the stories only you can tell.